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Whilst we are able, we will remain operational as normal, with our teams active on site and our head office open. As always our main priority is health and safety. We are advising our team members on government updates, advice and guidelines daily, if you should require any further information please contact us. We are all unsure of the potential impacts of COVID-19 however if required we have a business continuity plan in place whereby individual contacts will remain available by mobile phone and email. Our main phone lines will be diverted if necessary to ensure the business remains operational.


We remain on call to assist with your security concerns, our teams remain ready to mobilise with 48 hours notice. Should you require any further assistance then please call us on 020 3489 3892.

Thank you for your ongoing support and we wish you well during these unprecedented times.

A gated residential property.
Royal Marines Commandos.

Any form of unwanted intrusion into your home is undoubtedly guaranteed to be a highly distressing experience for you and your family. The homes of senior executives, high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, professional footballers and diplomats have all been targeted by criminals due to the ease of finding out personal information coupled with inadequate security.

A Residential Security Team (RST) provides a capable, efficient and robust 24/7 physical presence at your home or estate. Operating overtly or discreetly, the physical presence of a residential security team provides protection to you and to your family by conducting regular patrols to monitor, quickly deter and respond to any potential security threat.

Security personnel standing outside a gated residential property.

Based in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, our residential security teams provide protection to homes and property whether occupied or vacant throughout London's most affluent areas and also throughout the Home Counties.  

With a strong focus on the importance of etiquette, our home security guards have a background in British front-line military units and are licensed and experienced in Close Protection.

Certified in ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and with full confidentiality assured without any intrusion in to your private life, our residential security teams will provide 24-hour protection to your personal and private interests.

Whether you require a full-time embedded Residential Security Team to safeguard your property or estate or a short-term arrangement to hire a Protective Surveillance team from a discreet distance, our services are robust, flexible and cost effective.

*Want a physical presence at your home but don't want to compromise your privacy? Our protective surveillance services are totally unobtrusive and discreet.

Our Process for Providing you with Superior Protection

1. Contact the Intrepid team

Contact the Intrepid Team through our Contact page or give us a call. Tell us what you want, when you need it, and for how many people.

2. Define requirements

We will get in touch with you within one business day to define your requirements.

3. Written confirmation

We send you a proposal via email. Contracts will then be sent out with any amends as required.

4. Peace of mind secured

On acceptance new clients will need a 50% deposit made to secure our resources.

Residential Security Team Package

Choose the right protection for you and your family

Residential security includes

  • House vulnerability assessment
  • Home security survey
  • Property access monitoring
  • Monitoring mail and deliveries
  • Maintenance and upgrades of existing security systems
  • Physical presence
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Foot patrols
  • Threat detection
  • Asset protection

Trusted residential security

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