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The Roles & Responsibilities of a Residential Security Team

Residential Security Team Roles & Responsibilities


As crime rates remain a concern throughout London and the surrounding areas, an increasing number of households are turning to the private security sector to guard and protect their property with a Residential Security Team (RST).


An RST is typically hired to provide an on-site physical security presence to a private residence or estate.The precise duties of the security team shall vary from property to property depending on a variety of factors such as the size and layout of the property and the profile, lifestyle and specific requirements of the principal. Nevertheless, the general concept of the RST providing property protection remains the same.


The presence of an on-site security team is to deter and react against unwanted intrusion and act as first responders in an emergency. The primary function of the RST is to establish and maintain a safe space within the residence and serve as the first line of defence by consistently providing physical protection services to the property and its occupants.


Providing a trusted presence whether the client is relaxing at home or away on business or on holiday allows the client to relax, safe in the knowledge that the security of the property and its occupants is being taken care of.  


In most cases, the size of the property will dictate the size of the security team with larger properties engaging a bigger team. The security personnel will work a shift pattern to maintain the continuity of providing 24-hour round-the-clock protection. This is achieved by various means that may include monitoring the CCTV cameras, conducting regular patrols and enforcing access control procedures.


The RST needs to be familiar with the workings of all alarm systems and the layout of the property, specifically the location of emergency exits, the safe room and muster points.  Other duties include routine security checks, reporting suspicious activities and incident response.


Additionally, the Residential Security Team will substantiate and maintain a check on all visitors to the property with every visitor being logged in on arrival and logged out on departure. Before access to the property is granted, all contractors will have their ID’s checked and if deemed necessary, their bags will be searched. Moreover, all incoming mail deliveries and packages will be inspected and verified prior to being forwarded to their respective recipient.


As with the employment of all household staff, the vetting and selection of trusted security personnel is of paramount importance. In the UK it is a legal requirement for all security operatives to be individually licensed. Nevertheless, many clients opt for extra reassurance by selecting security personnel with a credible background in law enforcement or the military.


Another important factor is for the individual security operatives to possess the right character. They should be assertive yet non-intimidating and possess an amiable personality, particularly if they’re going to be around children. This is no place for over-hyped egos, they should remain quietly in the background and not interfere with any affairs that exist outside of their scope of work.


Within a private household, the security element is often one cog in a wider machine that consists of personal assistants, house managers, chefs, house maids, nannies and chauffeurs, it is therefore vital that the security operative can work as a member within this team.


The fast and fluid nature of many private households also require a great degree of flexibility. Amongst other duties, some security operatives may be employed to provide close protection services whenever the principle leaves the property - flexibility is a must.


Understandably, some clients may feel that residential security services are too invasive into their personal lives, and they may harbour reservations about having a full-time security team inside their home. If this proves to be the case, then the client may feel more comfortable with engaging a protective surveillance team.


Burglaries have become increasingly common, throughout London and the rest of the UK. A trusted and reliable Residential Security Team provides a strong and efficient deterrent to protect your home or estate. However, before engaging an RST, it is imperative that thorough prior due diligence is carried out.  A conscientious, proficient and trustworthy Residential Security Team will provide a robust yet reassuring presence that allows you and your loved ones the precious time to relax within the comfort of your home.  


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The entire process from beginning to end was thoroughly diligent and completely professional. I thank your close protection team for always making us feel safe and reassured.

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